Friday, 10 March 2017

Hari no Marag che shura no, nahi Kayar nu kaam jo - the path of Divinity is for the Brave...

Ever since I was a little kid, I have heard this Gujarati Proverb - Hari no Marag Che Shurano, Nahi Kayar Nu Kam jo...translation can match somewhere near to, "The Path of Divinity is for the brave, Cowards can not walk on it."

Although I understood the meaning of this sentence very well, somehow I was unable to get the gist of it, the essence of it coz it was not in my experience. Now when I look back and see, how my life has experienced this one sentence in all its essence in the last few years, I can not thank the divinity enough.

When you start walking on the path of Yoga, the path of divinity, the path of Love, all of a sudden you realise, there are obstacles. You feel, arrrre... where do they come from? It was never there in my life before! I started practicing Sudarshan Kriya and Sri Sri Yoga that I had learnt and in 7 months, I got severe cold and sinus issues which I did not have before. I thought, why am I having so many obstacles which were not there so far? But it was there only for 6 months or so, afterwards, it was all gone and none of the common ailments of headache, cold, fever, sinus returned ever since. I was wondering, what is it? The best example to explain this phenomenon can be the following.

'There is a bucket of water with mud settled at the bottom. The water will look very clean coz all the mud is settled in the bottom. However, the water is not clean. It is full of mud. When you want to get that mud out, you churn the water to filter it, all of a sudden you realise that the water is muddy. You feel, where is this mud coming from? My water was looking so clean! It is the mud within water only, which was not visible to your eyes coz it was all settled at the base of the bucket. But once you remove it, the turbulent muddy water again becomes crystal clear. This time it does not have any mud at the base and hence, no possibility of it becoming muddy until you pour some mud from outside.' 

The same way, you might feel your life is all so going very well and you are completely healthy and happy. There might be some mud at the base, some stresses in your system which you might not have recognized so far, which might be coming to surface occasionally which you would not have realised. It is getting collected to reveal itself later on as some chronic illness, sudden acute condition of chronically accumulated stresses. The moment you start doing your practices, it churns your system. You feel some ailments, some discomforts, some mood swings, may be weird stuff with your body and mind. But, if you can pass through them all being firm with your practices, then you have lived the life of that of the Shura in Hari no marag che shurano...  It is the time when you hold onto your practices, your faith on the practices, your Guru, your Self. Be consistent and keep on doing your practices. One fine day, when the backlog of stresses will be cleared from your system, you will start feeling the clarity of the water, the clarity in your being. Your practices of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya is what is your saviour. 

Many a times when you sit for meditation, especially in your initial days of learning it, you find all the thoughts of the world coming to you. It is because we have never practiced keeping our eyes closed and just letting go with awareness. It is also because the file, which is storing impressions, is too big in our system. So, the moment you are doing something to clear it, it will all come up on the surface. At that time, do not give up. Hold on to your practices. Smile through all the obstacles that life offers to you and know that at the end, it is all going to be your GAME. Once, the backlog is cleared, you will see clarity. It might take a day, a week, a month, a year or may be a few of years for your backlog to get cleaned. Just keep on practicing your meditations and keep on walking on the path of divinity. One fine day, you will realise that thoughts do not bother you at all. Nothing whatsoever can shake you at all. You are in the world but yet, so untouched by all its colours. 

For this to happen, you need to be brave. Brave enough to keep on holding onto your practices. Knowledge will make you rich but the knowledge (at the level of experience) can only get established in your system through practices. 

I wish you all the best for your journey. May you achieve the highest. 

Jai Guru Dev !