Saturday, 30 August 2014

YOGA - How you see it?

I think after working for an authentic Yoga Studio for more than 6 months now, which offers all kinds of Yoga starting from Hatha and Power to Sri Sri Yoga; I have now started understanding the mind set of the people coming here.

I have mainly come across two types of people here.

One, who really understands what is Yoga. As Yogasara Upanishad says, 'that which brings your mind in the present moment is Yoga', any physical yoga asana practice should lead you to a deeper level of your existence. It should be able to leave you with enormous joy and peace, since it brings your mind in the present moment. This present moment is the source of energy, enthusiasm, love, peace, bliss, contentment, life. Physical fitness, flexibility in the body, stress-free mind, relaxed yet focused mind are all by-products of continuing with your practices. Yoga postures is only one path of yoga and it is just the beginning. A deep and rejuvenating meditation (where your mind is in the present moment - you are fathoming that depth of the present moment) is the end.

Another type, come to the Yoga Studio, do not understand what Yoga is. They are just driven by either the fashion world where their friends are also doing yoga, or they are fed up with tiring and strenuous Gym exercises and they want something mild. Although they struggle to cope up with a simplest of yoga pose like a boat pose, they want something "challenging". This amuses me a lot.

As a Sri Sri Yoga practitioner, what I would like to share with you guys is, beware of the tendency of your mind when you are going to do any Yoga practices in a studio. Your mind might compare it with a gym exercise. You need to remind yourself again and again what is your goal? Why do you want to do yoga? If you are not sure about it, please consult a yoga practitioner and get to know it first. Once you know your goal then make Yoga your daily routine. Once learnt properly, under the guidance of certified instructors - who are regular practitioners - it can be done easily at home. It will leave you with a freshness in your body-mind complex.