Thursday, 28 April 2011

When you feel You are not doing Enough...

When you get something life transforming, you want to express your gratitude towards the one who has done it to you. You feel like "what can I do for you? And how would I ever be able to express my gratitude to you fully? What can I contribute towards the success of your mission? "  Especially, when you know that you are capable of doing anything. You are blessed with a rock like determination and your intelligence is anyway equipped enough to make it a reality. You are overflowing with the enthusiasm to do something and you know how to channelize it properly. You start doing some work in that direction as well but what to do when you feel, the work I am doing is not enough? When it does not let you sleep in nights? When it makes you so restless that you feel worthless? 

First of all know that it is a beautiful beginning of unfolding another dimension of your life. It is like seeing a different facet of the same diamond. You are THE chosen one that is why you feel that the seva you do is not enough. Second, it is all happening. You are not the DOER. Whether you play any active role in it or not, it is just happening. It will continue happening with or without you. So, why to be feverish? Feverishness kills the charm of the present moment. You are blessed with this moment to make it more beautiful by contributing your happiness. As nature senses our feelings as well, we must share happiness and joy. Why to create unnecessary layers of frustration/tension/feverishness over the core of our being (which is joy,peace and love).

As soon as this awareness comes that I am a very special child of the divine, I am taken care of and I am given whatever I need at the right time, will bring enormous confidence in you. Have that faith and keep on being grateful. And see, how beautifully grace will flow in your life. Keep on surrendering all to the divine with every passing breath. It will just make your life eternal celebration. 

Friday, 22 April 2011

When People keeps bugging you, upsetting you...

Well, first of all accept the reality that it is NOT the PEOPLE or SITUATIONS that bug you, or upset you. It is your own mind and the importance or space you have given to those people and situations in your mind. 

Just experiment this for a while. Try to get upset on something that a stranger says to you and observe, how long can you remain in that state of mind? at first you will ignore it, you won't get upset at all, or may be for few seconds or few minutes. But not for a considerable length of time. Now, if the same situation arises with the people you know then you will get upset and you will carry that state of mind for a much longer time. Why? just a simple reason. You have given space in your mind to those people to whom you know. 

Your intensity of the attachment will show how much space you have given to those people, or viseversa. So, my friends beware of whom are you giving how much space in your mind. It is much wise to give more space to those people who are good company to keep, whose presence uplifts you, kindles love, joy, laughter, generosity in you. 

Never be upset from within for any one's action or reaction. Momentary emotions of anger or sadness is okay. It is human thing. But, it is not our very core nature. So, it does not stay longer. Our nature is of love and joy. So, all lasts at the end is pure love, bliss and joy. This awareness and knowledge brings freedom in this very moment. So, next time before blaming anyone else, just check out your own mind. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why Mantra chanting makes one Happy ?

A secret of ancient Knowledge by Shastriji...

Mantras have been in the air for thousands of years. In Ancient times Rishis used to impart Knowledge in the form of Mantras and the disciple had to recite it. That way they let that knowledge assimilate in every cell of their body, every particle of their beings. When you chant Mantra, it creates specific vibration in the subtle body and corresponding sensation in the physical body. It is a beautiful science of invoking the divinity. Amazing science dealing with energy and matter.

Our consciousness is also thousands of years old. So, during our earlier life times, somewhere, we have already heard the Mantras or recited it ourselves. Out of seven layers of our consciousness, we leave body and breath when we change life. But, the rest of the level goes ahead as they are. Therefore, our memory contains the impressions of the recitations somewhere deep down, so, when you chant Mantras, the consciousness comes in contact with Mantra vibrations already oscillating in the atmosphere, then it feels like meeting an old friend. and it feels very happy. That is why you feel very happy, joyous, crying out of tears of joy, uplifted when you Chant Mantras.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jab Life ho out of Control..

What do you do when you see situations in life which is not in your control? When you see people you love the most wasting their lives like stupid slaves? and you know the path leading to most joyous life, you suggest it to them, but they are so blind by the glitter of that MAYA that they can't even see through it... then you feel tensed, frustrated..

What to do then? Well, the first thing is, Thank God for the realization again and again that nothing is in our control. Be it our own life or someone else's life. We can not even control our own body and mind, how can we expect to control someone else'? So, accept this fact and be in harmony with your own mind. Tension will start releasing automatically. then, just take responsibility. What is the need of that time for you to do? If your action can bring any solution, just go for it. If not, then simply take a back seat, and pray to the God. Tell God that you are now aware about one more limitation of your and you surrender that too to the divine. 

By doing this, you gain skill. Skill in action is Yoga. So, again you are on a way to become a true Yogi. Do not be afraid of getting exposed to your limitations. If this happens, just thank the divine, offer it to him with love and move on... Life is to move on... coz it rocks !!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Amazing how Nadis functions..

Do You know that when our Left nostril is active, our right brain is active and when we are breathing through right nostril, our left brain is active. Right brain is associated with creativity and relaxation whereas left brain is dealing with analysis, intelligence, logic.

Hence, when the left nostril is active, it is better to sing, dance, meditate but not to try understanding anything. Because the ability to understand, to discriminate is not active at that time. Even your metabolism rate is only half as much as it is when you breath through right nostril, hence Rishis said in ancient Scriptures that that is the ideal time for drinking water. 

When right nadi is active, you should listen to the knowledge, you should do all intellectual work. Because at this time you go one step behind your senses. You use your intelligence. You are able to understand the knowledge more effectively. You should prefer eating food when the right nostril is functioning because of the rate of metabolism being high.

You should never eat and drink together. It affects the metabolism and reduces its efficiency. These nadis keep changing every hour. you can check which one of your nadi is active by simply placing your hand under your nose and exhale. Both may be active at times, and there is altogether a different interpretation for that, which I do not know at the moment. You can make things change by following the proper nadi shashtra. I am just sharing whatever little Knowledge I heard from Guruji today.

Jai Gurudev !!! 

Friday, 1 April 2011

You be centered...

If you want to achieve something big in life, learn to be centered. Once you are centered, you will see, how easily things fall into place. You can easily be indifferent towards praises or criticism, towards dialogues or conflicts. 

Being centered means how dignified you can remain in spite of all the odds against you. As one of the senior teacher said recently, "Even if somebody kicks you out from their home, with the most abusive words and the worst of all offensive behaviour, without even leaving a single cloth on your body and then if you can still smile through that situation and walk with a dignity than you are there, Centered..... "

Centeredness doesn't come overnight but nature is so kind to us that it keeps on providing us with all the opportunities to go through such situations. If you ever face any situation which is difficult to handle, where your limitations are getting exposed, simply thank God for giving you one more chance to feel centred. Just smile through that situation and surrender it all to the divine. You remain dignified and also maintain others' dignity.

Abhyasa - practising this again and again, would surely fetch you the results.