Saturday, 15 January 2011

How to influence/affect people, situations, things?

There is a simple scientific way of performing this act of winning over anyone, any situation, anything. Look, the principle in which energy flows is from higher to lower level. So, if you have to win over someone, you are basically looking towards influencing them. As a spiritual seeker you know that when we say I, that is not this body, but we are talking in terms of consciousness (chetna, energy, prana). So, you are supposed to keep your energy level high. This is relative term, "high". means, your energy must be higher in level than the outer world in which you come in contact with so that it flows from YOU to the outer world, i.e. people, situations, things. Once it starts flowing from You to this world, it starts affecting, influencing everything that it comes in contact with, the way it wants. So simple. isn't it?

Now, a question arises here, how to keep energy level high? Our life is so full of activities, that by the time we finish them all, we feel lack of energy. How to maintain that high level? Any AOL teacher will be able to explain this in more detail and in more appropriate way. My understanding is, regular Sadhna combined with Yoga and Pranayamas opens up energy centres in the subtle body and prana (energy) flows freely. Throughout your day, you can use this prana to influence whatever you want to in whichever way...  

Just experiment this on your self guys and let me know how effective it is !!! This amazing piece of knowledge is again from my rocking teacher... !!! I feel so blessed to have such a fantastic teacher... Jai Gurudev !!! 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

What is let go of past?

In Ancient Indian Scriptures, they say, all your thoughts come from the past. if you develop a skill not to give attention to the past, the mind will be free of thoughts. "Let go of past" means do not give much importance. The more importance you give it, the deeper impressions it makes and it will stay longer there to bother you. Just think of it as a dream. Dreams look so real while dreaming, that we don't realize it until we wake up. Similarly take past as a dream and wake up to this knowledge right this moment and get rid of those impressions. 

Learn from the past and move forward. Don't hold on to it. Memory has a function to store impressions. so it is up to an individual what to store? You have got choice of storing what seems valuable to you. But, the wise man chooses to store life enhancing memories so that when he remembers them, his senses gets filled with joy and love and that exhilarating state where he feels lively... All non wanted impressions can easily be dropped out using OFS technique...  Develop your intelligence to make it beneficial habit for the mind. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Believe - Dima Bilan... what an inspiration !!!

Even when the thunder and storm begins
I'll be standing stong like a tree in the wind
Nothing is gonna move this mountain or change my direction
I'm falling off the sky and I'm all alone
The courage that's inside is gonna break my fall
Nothing is gonna dim my light within
But if I keep going on it will never be impossible
Not today.

Cause I got something to believe in
As long as I'm breathing
There is not a limit to what I can dream
Cause I got something to believe in
Mission to keep climbing
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe
And I believe in me.

Even when the world tries to pull me down
Tell me that I can't... try to turn me around
I wont let them put my fire out
But if I keep going on it will never be impossible
Not today

Cause I got something to believe in
As long as I'm breathing
There is not a limit to what I can dream
Cause I got something to believe in
Mission to keep climbing
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe
And I believe in me

I can do it all, open every door
Turn unthinkable to reality
You see I can do it all and more

Believing as long as I'm breathing
There is no limit to what I can dream
Believing mission to keep climbing
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe
And I believe in me.

Eurovision -2008 winner Dima Bilan's song, Believe...

Enjoy  Smiley Smiley

- Bhavyata.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

When you feel the path I have chosen, is it right?

When you start walking on a spiritual path, that too without knowing of it being a beginning of the path, you want to explore everything that comes on your way. Once you have got that wo...w feeling, you want to experience that again and again. and even you want to go beyond that. Just wow things are not enough for it, it wants to explore the path in all ways, in all directions, up to all extremes. After knowing it to be the spiritual path, to be the exploration of the ULTIMATE, whether Knowledge, Truth, Self or Creation...  you realize at one point, it does not meet up with your expectations of all being goody goody. You feel the path also has its so called drawbacks, or errors of your perception. and you feel, oh man, was it a wise decision to walk on this path? Your friends warn you initially up to the level. then looking to your enthusiasm about it, they don't dare much but still in their heart their don't support your activity. Sometimes even your family members don't support you. and if you are not strong enough to stand by your own decisions, to accept all the consequences of the same, you get carried away with the sensing, with the feeling of what they pass to you. 

I am sure this happens to most of us. But at this point, what do you do? The first and foremost thing that you need to remember is, No matter what, only uplifting of your self is going to happen once you are on this path. Because of one simple reason. What is the first thing that you learn? To be happy... and do you you want to be happy because others are saying so? or you want to be happy because you feel that is why you are living for? The answer of this question will help you identify the ways through which you can blossom your life in all spheres. 

Just compare your own life before coming to the path and after walking a few steps on this path. Is there any difference? The same life with the same people and many similar situations.. has it become more fulfilling n happy? Are you happy from within? Are you feeling light like feather even amongst all complexities of life? or has it gone the other way? Has it made your connection with your divine strong? Has it showed you that there are possibilities of going into infinity? The answers of such questions help one find out whether the chosen path is right for you or not. 

Keep a reminder to yourself of the comparison of the quality of your life in past to the quality of the same  life in present, whenever a question of the path being right or wrong arises in your mind. and don't forget that Faith is beyond logic, so keep faith on the divine, the CREATOR.... all the best...

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Aum - part 2 -the Anahat Naad...

Let us discuss about the Consciousness and how Aum is related to that..

There are 4 types of consciousness as per psychology.
1. Jagrat (Waking consciousness)
2. Svapna (Dreaming Consciousness)
3. Svapna rahit Nidra (Dreamless Sleep Consciousness)
4. Turya or Turiya (Transcendental consciousness)

Now the association of letters A,U and M with these four consciousness is so surprising.... so have patience and read every word with utmost care, so as not to miss the essence.

A - letter represents the Jagrat avastha. That is the consciousness which is present in three dimensional world, hence conditioned by time and space. Our conscious mind is predominating in this state. We mainly feel the mind is swaying of thoughts, impressions and desires. There are three qualities of consciousness, Tamas, Rajas and Sattva and out of these three, Rajas (which is heat and energy) is prevailing in this state.

U - letter represents Svapna avastha. Here, subconscious mind is dominating. We see dreams at this level and those dreams can either be stimulated by nerve cells firing as we lose consicous awareness or they can be the result of deeper level of the psyche and may hold deep symbolic meaning. Here we are allured by the universe and hence, the quality of consciousness prevailing here is TAMAS (lethargy, inertia, ignorance and darkness)

M - letter represents Nidra avastha. The Unconscious mind predominates at this stage as this is a deep sleep state without any disturbance of dreams. This is a blissful state since the ego has been left aside and a connection is experienced with the SOUL. SATTVA (purity, serenity and light) is the main quality of consciousness in this state.

Now, after M we experience silence, often that is called TURIYA avastha. that is the transcendental state, i.e. NON-DUALITY is experienced. This is bit too deep to understand since it says that our being is no longer disconnected from the cosmic consciousness. We are same as the super consciousness or the cosmic consciousness. Our consciousness expands at that level and the BIG MIND predominates in this state.

So, AUM has such a deep meaning of taking us from the conscious level of mind to the TURIYA level and making us unite with our source. At this level, we are fully aware of the activity of our mind and still we are in deep relaxation. Therefore we should chant AUM as a daily practice. and then we should relax to feel that deep connection with the entire CREATION...

One more information about AUM...

“The Whole World is the symbol of AUM, The Past, Present, Future and that which is beyond (Paramatma), These three periods of time are also just “AUM”.”  (Mandukya Upanishada)

(Upanishada are ancient scriptures, Vedantas... )

Friday, 7 January 2011

Aum / Om ???

Let us share our knowledge about this most primitive MANTRA, Aum or Om. This is the most sacred symbol in Hinduism and according to Hindu / Vaidik Scriptures it represents the sound of the universe. As we know, the entire Existence in the Universe is vibrating with a Cosmic energy (We get the proof in the Gayatri Mantra, where Rishi Vishwamitra hears this sound for the first time in his deep meditations). The closest experience of this sound in ordinary experience would be the humming sound of an electric transformer. Yet this humming is produced by the atoms of the universe vibrating at different frequencies. 

The vibrational atoms of the universe produce this sound through their pulsating “dance,” and that is why this sound is unstruck because is it not produced by striking two things together. Hence, the sanskrit name for the same sound is Anahaad / Anahat Naad. 

Now another aspect of AUM gets represented by the three deities in the Hindu trinity, the trimurti (”three images”), of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Which also depicts the fullness in the universe from creation to eventual destruction. 

The “A” represents beginning, start and emanation of the universe and life. A is an open sound formed with open lips and it resonates in the front of the mouth. It represents creation and Brahma is the Hindu god of creation. The accompanying vibrations we feel in our abdominal area when we make that sound. 

                Brahma is a deity who seats on a Lotus with Four Heads. The fourth head faces backwards. Brahma sitting on a lotus indicates that he is always rooted in the Ultimate Reality, that despite manifestation, the Transcendent remains hidden beneath surface awareness. The four heads of Brahma represent the manifestation of Consciousness as mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), ego (ahamkar) and conditioned-consciousness (chit). 

                Thought functions within them but Consciousness is a transcendent Witness to everything.

“U” is produced from the back of the mouth with closed lips. It represents the sustenance of the universe and it is the middle between creation and destruction. When we produced sound U, we feel some sensations in our heart area of the body. Which also shows the maintenance/sustaining power of the creation. The Hindu deity Vishnu is associated with this. Vishnu is believed to be the cosmic energy which incarnates (Takes different birth) Himself in each cycle of time to rescue the Universe. He represents the maintenance of balance in the universe through support of physical and spiritual laws.

“M” is produced with closed lips and it resonates forward in the mouth and buzzes throughout the head. It represents the ending, destruction, and death of life and the universe. Shiva is the Hindu deity that represents this stage. Shiva is also representing the "DARK Matter", which scientists have found recently that 97% of the Universe, which is not yet revealed to us, is made up of this.

So, when we chant AUM /OM, we connect our own "CHETNA" - "the life energy" - "the part of cosmic energy in us" to its source. 

If you think little bit further that the dimension of "TIME" is also relative. Once you are out of earth, that dimension does not matter much. There are many galaxies which are thousands of light years away from us, so if we take such back ward galaxies then the incidents happening there are PAST for us, we are PRESENT and the galaxies for which we take thousands of light years to pass our light becomes FUTURE then. Now, this sound AUM is present everywhere since it is a cosmic sound. So, can not we say that it is SHASVAT ? Means the one which never dies? the one which is the only truth. the one which is present in every  moment?Huh 

keep on thinking n sharing ur views here guys... 

Cheerz !!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

something artistic from a Technocrate....

A little creation inspired by some intuitions.... Thanks to Nidhi's superb edition n addition, it turns out to be wonderful creation...

Why to carry on with a burden of doing?
When it's all Happening !

Does it mean I just sit idle?
N don't even check out my true Credential?

Something from "within" says, "NO";
Surrender cannot mean just Wait and Watch !

It simply means to be detached with the outcome of anything !
Simply being an important tool for each significant Happening :)

So yes, check out your capability n take more responsibilities;
enjoy the life light as feather amongst all complexities.

Be at SERVICE, be in Knowledge n be one with the CREATION,
Fulfil the purpose of life, n make life a real CELEBRATION...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jab I met Guruji...

I went to see Him just because my teacher of my Art of Breathing course insisted that if you have not met him so far, just go and meet him. Luckily He was coming to Germany for His birthday celebrations. I was there on 13th May. First time I saw him, it was amongst crowd, could hardly see him. Within the next few minutes, He lead us through meditation. and then all Wo...w began..

OMG, What a phenomenal experience it is to be part of that relaxation. total nothingness Smiley... no clue about time, no clue about I being alive, no clue at all about my existence.. totally in the different space.. out of 3 dimensional, actually 4 dimensional world, yet totally into the whole CREATION... 

Did not feel as if He was a physical entity. felt as if He was penetrating everywhere in every particle of my being, not leaving anything anywhere untouched by his Karishma... So Charished moments of my life. that was the first experience of His presence.

Actually when I met him few hours later, personally, I saw him from a distance of nearly half a foot or even closer than that, n He gave such a mischievous glance which confused me till the next day. Finally next day we had our turn to meet Him personally. and oh man !!! What an experience !!! He threw chocolate exactly in my hand. Within the next few seconds, I was crying, crying n crying like a new born  Shocked

I was totally unaware of what was happening within. When consciously became aware of me crying n other 45-50 people being present in the room, I forced myself to stop it, but my eyes, heart, mind, every part of my body which I believed to be under my control, refused to follow my order. I could not stop. It lasted for about half an hour or so...

Too many things happened after that, but this was the beginning. He was meeting me on 13th May as if saying "Tera Mein" -  translation in English "I am Yours"... or was it the other way? that I happen to meet him on exactly that day as if He was to remind me that I am yours.. from my side.. Still amazed at the beauty of those invaluable moments !!!

Now I am looking forward to read your own experience in your words.... 

Monday, 3 January 2011

A beautiful story of Gopis n Krishna...

In Bhagwat Geeta, Krishna says different paths of Yoga. One of them is the path of devotion, Bhakti Yoga. 

There is this beautiful story about the understanding of what is Bhakti Yoga.. 

Once Krishna left Gokul and Vrindavan, he never went back there. One day, Krishna was with his friend Uddhav. and Uddhav said to Krishna that "O Krishna, you say wise words, you share so much of wisdom with us about various aspects of life, it makes our life more meaningful, more enjoyable. You have never gone back to Gokul and Vrindavan and therefore, all the Gopas and Gopis must be in pain of missing you so much. I believe they need this amazing knowledge of yours to handle their pain and sufferings." 

Krishna on listening to this says " Oh dear Uddhav, you are such amazing friend of mine. Why don't you go there and impart this knowledge with them? I am sure that will help them reducing that intensity of the pain of separation." 

Hence, Uddhav decided to go to Gokul. The news of Krishna's friend coming to Gokul was so exhilarating for Gopas and Gopis that they all were so excited to meet Uddhav. Just because he was Krishna's friend and they were all expecting him to say how Krishna was, what was he doing nowadays and every minute details about their love, Krishna. But, Uddhav on his arrival, did not say anything about Krishna. Instead, he started speaking the knowledge. Gopas and Gopis had so much of patience that they all honoured the knowledge that he spoke, but after hearing what Uddhav had to say, one Gopi went to him n said, " Uddhavji, the knowledge you are speaking is so beautiful and wonderful. It is simply amazing. but, our hearts and minds are so full of Krishna that we are confused where to keep this knowledge?" and Uddhav realized that he was amongst so deeply devoted souls who did not need any knowledge. They were all enlightened just coz they felt so strong connection with them. 

Although they were miles apart physically, they all felt so connected with Krishna. Krishna was living in their heart and minds forever. They felt His presence everywhere. and it was not the PAIN of separation but it was simply the longing for their love. 

This is the power of Bhakti Yoga. Once you become true Bhakt, true devotee, simply your connection with the divine blossoms your life. and may be for that reason, it is said that there is not better path than Bhakti Yoga. It is the best, sweetest and highest path. You just merge with your divine and your devotion leads you towards enlightenment. 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

What is that the entire existence is living for ?

A beautiful piece of knowledge from Rishi Nityapragya ji...

We do many activities in the life. It can be worldly activities like earning money to getting married to having children to making a bigger house to buying a car or any such thing or it can be a spiritual activity like meditating, satsang, service or connecting to the divine. The basic purpose behind all these activities is to be happy, to get Sukha. 

Sukha is a word in Sanskrit language. The nearest translation of that word can be done as pleasure, happiness, the pleasantness, the exhilarating status of consciousness, something which is the driving force behind all the activities of the entire existence. 

There are three types of Sukhas.

The first type of Sukha is the one gets from the outer world. Sometimes we seek pleasures through people, through situation, through things. But, there is a very basic flow since the pleasure is illusionary. It seems like Sukha but there is no Sukha at all. For example, till something was not in your hand, not in your possession, it was so interesting, as soon as you get it, you lose the charm. It is just the mechanism of the mind seeking pleasure from the outer world, which appears like pleasure but the moment you get it, there is no pleasure at all. 

The second type of pleasure the mind seeks is from the five senses, i.e. watching, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. The senses give you pleasure but there is a little bit of dangerous aspect there too. It has a very small amount of pleasure. It definitely gives pleasure but, limited, it reaches to a point ( a peak) and then it is finished, it is gone. For example, you get pleasure of eating your favourite dish. How much can you eat? If you are observant, you will not miss this phenomenon. You enjoy eating so much until it reaches to the highest point of that Sukha and then you lose charm in eating as an activity altogether. So, the activity of eating, seems like giving you so much pleasure, but it is so limited. You can not sustain that pleasure for a long time. By the time, you finish your food, the energy is so low, the level of joy drops but you can't say that it doesn't give you joy. Similarly, with the rest of the senses, whether is watching movie, or hearing your favourite music or smelling your favourite perfume or sex. 

The third type of pleasure is the pleasure you get from activities that blossoms your life in all directions. It is the pleasure that needs efforts in initial stage but gives you long lasting joy. Activities like Sadhna, Seva, Satsang adds joy into your life. There is a flow there, too. You have to put a little bit of efforts in the beginning, but when you are done with that activity, it leaves you with so much of joy and pleasure. It lasts for longer period of time. 

The first type of Sukha is called Tamasik Sukha, where it appears as a pleasure but there is no joy in reality. The second type of Sukha is Rajasik Sukha, where you get joy but it is not long lasting. The third Sukha is Sattvik Sukha, which needs efforts initially but the pleasure it gives is "matchless".