Saturday, 30 July 2011

Eight ways to Maintain your peace of mind ..

Swami Sadhyojatha ji shared this amazing knowledge with us in Berlin...

Once you attain the peace of your mind, you want to sustain it. Guruji says there are eight ways to maintain your peace of mind. These ways are all equally important. There is nothing like first one is more important than the second one. 

1. Smile- Keep smile on your face. 
2. Walk alone for some time during the day.
3. Sing alone for some time in a day.
4. Sadhna  -do your Sadhna regularly.
5. Meditation - meditate every day regularly.
6. Reflect your life based on time and space - everyday remind your self about your existence with respect to space and time. It is good to reflect upon it for few moments. 
7. Seva - do some act of seva.
8. Faith - keep faith.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Your life...flute for Krishna...

Just amazing wisdom poured from different Yogis here in Berlin...

Keep your heart pure and mind hollow and empty. Don't let events or situations take over you. Do your duty with full dedication and commitment but do not get attached to the situations or people. Just keep practising your meditations, keep on releasing the impressions. Become hollow and empty completely and keep on surrendering your life to the divine.

Remember, life is like a FLUTE, and Krishna loves His Flute, His magical instrument. The more hollow and empty you are, the better instrument of your Krishna you can be. Just make your life that Flute and offer it to your divine and let Him play the best of His tunes through you..