Saturday, 26 November 2011

What is Sadhna?

Sadhna- Spiritual Practices, is not just an exercise. It is the way to surrender your self, your thoughts, your emotions with each passing breath. Keep on praying to your master that I want to be useful, I want to do Seva, I want to reach to the Ultimate. 

If positive emotion/thought comes, feel grateful and surrender it thankfully with outgoing breath. If negative emotion/thought comes up, just pray to Him to free you from that harmful tendency of the mind. 

When you are offering your life in love to the Lord, it becomes your true Sadhna.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Filtration -How important it is?

We have talked about observe, filter and surrender  - The master key

What if we are not able to use Filter properly? Filter is there for us to separate the harmful habits of mind from the beneficial ones. So that we can finally surrender those harmful habits to the divine and be free of them. 

Events come and go, but the habits, the tendencies of the mind come on the surface again and again. For example, if one possess a habit of blurting out anything at any time than it can be harmful. As in, if he/she is not able to put a filter of Viveka (discrimination), he/she would never be able to appeal anyone in his/her life, right? Practically this small thing helps a lot in our day to day life where we are surrounded with people and our connections in the capacity of different relations with them. Just check out all your relations and see if you are losing them just because you do not appeal them any more. If so, now you have got a key. Use Viveka and filter it out. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Just remembering a small event happened in Berlin..

Just before the Satsang starts, I wanted to connect the wire of the lamp post to the plug to switch it on. I could not find it. Once I found it, some words just came out like,"It is so important to connect the wire to the plug in order to have light..."

n this simple sounding statement is so very effective if we see the subtle meaning behind it..!! If we want light in our life, the light of Truth, the Divinity then it is essential that we plug in the wire of our self to the big self. We connect ourselves with this universal consciousness, which like an electricity is present anyways. it is just the matter of connecting with it. As soon as we connect, the lamp starts functioning n so is our heart n mind.. in the direction of the truth..