Monday, 29 November 2010

Who gets onto the spiritual path?

When you experience something extraordinary in your life, you feel like bringing all your family n friends, all your near and dear ones on that path to get that amazing experience themselves. But, sometimes when they refuse, or they be bit resistive about it, you feel so sad. Do you know, why some people get so much attracted to the spiritual path and why others not? It is just because of the KARMAS. If you offer this knowledge to your friends and if they get attracted, it is simply because they are karmikally ready to be on the path. If they are yet getting ready then regardless of your offering it n number of times, they would not get attracted until they become totally ready. So, in such cases, just drop your concerns and have compassion for them, bless them so that they can get ready faster and experience the wonderful magic that you want to offer to them. You do not know who is ready and who is not, so your job is simply to keep on offering it to everyone and the divine will do the rest to bring them near Him...

Friday, 26 November 2010

Guruji's promise...

If I had to promise you something, what would it be?

I can’t promise that you would always be comfortable…
Because comfort brings boredom and discomfort.

I can’t promise that all your desires will be fulfilled…
Because desires whether fulfilled or unfulfilled bring frustration.

I can’t promise that there will always be good times…
Because it is the tough times that make us appreciate joy.

I can’t promise that we will be rich or famous or powerful…
Because they can all be pathways to misery.

I can’t promise that we will always be together…
Because it is separation that makes togetherness so wonderful.

Yet if you are willing to walk with me,
If you are willing to value love over everything else ~

I promise that this will be the most rich and fulfilling life possible.
I promise your life will be an eternal celebration,
I promise you I will cherish you more than a king cherishes his crown,
And I shall love you more than  a mother loves her newborn.

If you are willing to walk into my arms,
If you are willing to live in my heart,
You will find the one you have waited forever….
You will meet yourself in my arms…
I promise.

Poem written by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Monday, 22 November 2010

What to do to get enlightened?

When people come on a spiritual path, one of the biggest thing in their minds is "I WANT TO GET ENLIGHTENED". When you start living like the enlightened person, then you start becoming enlightened. Look at His qualities and start bringing those into your self and then see, you are on a way to be free. Krishna says to Arjuna, "Advaista Sarva Bhutanam" means get rid of dvaista (anger, jealousy) and change that dwesh or anger into compassion. that's called developing Maitri Bhav (the nature of friendliness) and then you can be friend with all.

Look at the quality of the enlightened being. e.g. Guruji, the way he has made EVERYTHING BELONGS TO HIM. because for Guruji, either everything belongs to Him or nothing belongs to Him. There is no mediocare way. "Nirmoham Nirvikaram" - He is not attached to anything. Nirahankaram - No Ego, when the whole world belongs to you there is no place for Ego. Ego only comes in from those things which don't belong to you. The more you live in a small circle the more BIG you feel because of Ego. So, come out of it. So, living life of a person who is Nirmoham, Nirvikaram, Nirahankaram is the simplest way of getting enlightened.

It doesn't happen overnight, though. It develops slowly and gradually. You think when I ll be enlightened, I ll start loving everyone. But, no, it is the other way. Start loving everyone unconditionally and you ll attain freedom. Don't pretend to love people, be natural and when you say something don't say it on a superficial level, mean it. Live that quality and let the enlightenment dawn into you.

Again and again remind yourself that the simplest way of getting enlightenment is to live like an Enlightened being.....

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Karma - Merit (punya) n Sin (papa)

This soul is eternal, it has been travelling through thousands of life times. Finally it has reached to the stage it is now, with this human body. The consciousness has evolved up to the level where it got this life time of being a human. Now, this soul, while going through it's journey collects many impressions about other souls. Similarly, other souls also collects impressions about this soul. These two types of collection of impressions collectively is called KARMAS.

This life is a part of process of evolution for the soul. During this process of evolution, the karmas that help you uplifting your soul, helps you making this process of evolution faster, are your merits (Sanskrit terminology is punyas). However, the karmas that becomes hindrance on the way to evolutions, makes the process slower, are sins (Demerits - Sanskrit terminology is papas). When you hurt any one (knowingly or even unknowingly), they carry an impression about you where whenever they remember you, the emotions, the sensations of hatred, hurt triggers in them, which not only harms them but also being your karmas harm you as well, since they become hindrance in your process of evolution. n that's why in any religion in the world, the prime importance is given to NOT TO HURT ANYONE.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Seer and Scenery

Yoga teaches one the skilful way of living life, keeping balance between the scenery and seer. Scenery is the outer world, Maya. That is Shakti, honour the world, the creation. The Yogi knows that he does not have to get attracted to the creation but honour it. He has to get attracted to the CREATOR. The inner world is Shiva, consciousness. He has to honour that as well. Simple and easiest way to walk on the path is to keep balance between Shiva and Shakti and honour both of them. Skill in action, skilful way of handling any situation in the outer world is honouring Shakti. and resting deep within one's self, reposing in the inner self is honouring Shiva. Shiva and Shakti go together and a TRUE YOGI knows how to balance them both.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


The purpose of the word is to create silence, the same way the purpose of the knowledge is to lead you to the state of mind where you say, Oh, I do not know...

In the beginning also you say, I do not know, but that I do not know is out of ignorance. then you pass through knowledge and again you reach to a point where you feel, the more you know, the more this life n this creation becomes mystery, so you say I do not know. But this I do not Know is now out of wonder. that is the difference knowledge makes in your life. 

Mysteries in life is not there to be understood. The more you try to understand it, regardless of how much efforts you put in to understand it, it becomes more mystery. Because mystery is not there to be understood, it is there to be lived.