Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Nature feels your presence...

Do you wonder sometimes you are happy and the whole surrounding, the whole space/environment around you seems like dancing with your joy? and at times when you are sad, it seems like going away from you? very heavy... 

Have you ever wondered why this happens? It is because, nature around you, feels your presence.  When you are happy from every cell of your body, you are constantly feeling the vibrant, pulsating energy (Satt-chitt-ananda), which comes in contact with the aura of the other objects or space around you. It interacts with that aura and that is how they feel your presence. This is on physical or aura level. and the nature responds to you as well. The longer you remain happy, the longer nature loves you. Because, nature honours you being established in your self. and then nature keeps on creating those situations around you where your happiness gets multiplied. Because it gets those vibes from you and attracts similar vibes to make it a big lump of such vibes. There is this deep science behind it. We will explore it further at some other time. 

But, the more unnatural you are from within, the more closet you become, you become hard and heavy in your heart, the vibes generated are also repulsive. And therefore nature's response is accordingly. It also gets upset and then we see natural calamities/disasters. 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sit amongst devotees...

When you feel your enthusiasm is going down just go and sit amongst devotees, sincere seekers and you will realize that just by their company, you get new enthusiasm. The group energy works wonders. It makes the toughest knowledge possible to get assimilated in every cell of your body, every particle of your being.

Only one condition applies here. You need to make sure that the group of people you are sitting amongst are sincere seekers like you. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

What makes u a good leader?

Just came across this article on a friend's page and can not stop sharing it... Thanks to Christian Matta for this wonderful article. 

Guruji says there are 12 qualities, which makes you an outstanding leader. 
  1. The first quality of leadership is to set an example. A leader doesn't just order things he does it so that others can do it.
  2. Second aspect is that a leader takes good care of those whom he is leading.
  3. Third aspect is that he doesn't create followers. A good leader creates leaders. And then chain action happens. A leader should delegate responsibility.
  4. The fourth quality is that a leader does not depend on authority. He just does a thing, whether authority is invested or not. It comes by itself.
  5. The fifth aspect of leadership is that he does not worry about position. The respect that you gain through virtue is very different from the respect you gain through the position. The respect you get through a position is short-lived and temporary. But the respect that you gain just because of your smile, your attitude, your virtues are there with you all the time. You may be a chairman of this committee, a president of that committee, or you are barrister here or governor of that state these are all momentary, temporary. They come and they go. And the respect you get because of this position is not genuine, it is not from the heart, it is not true. But the respect you gain because you are a nice person, is genuine, it lasts long. It is spontaneous.
  6. The sixth quality is that a leader is alert and when challenges come, he is not disturbed. A good leader is one who does not drop things when challenges appear.
  7. The seventh quality of a good leader is one who does not care for comfort, but who stretches himself beyond the comfort zone. Anything creative, dynamic and great can happen only when you stretch beyond your comfort zone where we are often struck. We think we cannot do something just make an effort and put one step ahead, and you will find that that you are expanding your comfort zone. Creativity transcends your comfort zone. Or, when you step out of the comfort zone, your creativity comes into play.
  8. The eighth aspect is, a leader should not mix head and heart. If you mix head and heart, you are in a mess When you have to work, you work with commitment and you live with your head. In life, in situations other than when you are working, listen to your heart.
  9. The ninth quality of a good leader is that he should be multidimensional and see from the others point of view. Put yourself in other persons shoes, look from the other persons point of view.
  10. The tenth aspect is that the leader doesn't depend on one-sided information. When you get some news from one side, dont take any decision or conclusion till you hear from the other side also. Leader should be a good communicator.
  11. The eleventh is that a leader should have a direct approach.
  12. Twelfth quality of a good leader is not to judge oneself. You have this tendency of judging yourself, Am I good? I am no good. The self-judgement is an obstruction. Stop doing that. Don't judge yourself. When you judge yourself, you are judging others also. Then you oscillate  like a pendulum. If you feel you're good, then you are saying that others are not so good. So when you find that others are good, and then you feel that you are no good, you blame yourself. Judgement is very similar to self- blame and blaming others. We have to get out of this vicious circle of self-judgement. That is also the state of surrender.When you have surrendered to the Divine that means that you no longer judge yourself. Self-judgement is not necessary. A child is so innocent, why? Because the child doesnt judge itself.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Advaistha Sarva Bhutanam...

The one who is interested in become Yogi, skilful in whatever he does in life, interested in self development up to highest level, needs to gain knowledge about how to become yogi. Even if you are interested not in Yoga but a devotee of your divine, then also, you need to know about Yoga. 

Because, Krishna says to Arjuna that you become a yogi. Yogis are very dear to me. Then he says the characteristics of a Yogi. One of those characteristics is, 

"advaishta sarva-bhutanam..."

The one who is not envious to anyone, who doesn't hold any ill feeling towards anyone in this whole creation.

Now think about one thing. Your mind, at a time has got infinite space. n if you hold any ill feeling, any envious, jealous, hatred or likewise feelings about anyone then, whenever you will meet those people, or hear about them or even if you remember them, your such feeling gets triggered and you lose that much of space of your mind for that moment. Isn't it like insulting the precious gift of this moment given by nature? The moment, which holds infinite possibilities to go further for your evolution, you waste in triggering those ill feelings which are so useless, because it doesn't affect the people involved in your  mind, it affects you the most. 

Instead, if you just develop the sense of being happy, keeping this attitude of your state of mind being unaffected by anyone or anything. Even if it gets affected, not to promote or give encouragement to such thoughts much in your own mind. Wouldn't it bring that availability of the moment in your life? You will then get that moment to live in it. and what would be better honour then respecting and living in the MOMENT ? You can fill up that moment by any of the highest value activities of Seva, Sadhna or Satsang. Think about how best you can use this life time? If not for other's sake, for your own sake you will have to go one step further in your evolution. 

Friday, 4 March 2011

Serve before You Lead...

Leadership should be comprised of of altruism, empowerment, humility, love, service, trust, and vision. 

If we look back to our History, Mahatma Gandhi placed before us a higher standard of leadership based on an enduring spirit of personal service. Gandhiji was a well known servant Leader. He puts Serving the Society, Serving the Mankind at the Core. He says, Service (Seva) is the reason for leadership and not only the qualification for the leadership but an end of leadership.

I believe your persona, your overall communication speaks more than your words. If you want to establish yourself as a true leader, win over the hearts of the masses. for that, you need to set an example of serving first. Gandhiji never said anyone to pick rubbish if he wanted the city to be cleaned. He just started picking rubbish himself and people just joined him. It was of course the love of the people initially which made them join him. He never felt ashamed of doing any work himself. He believed that if you have to be leader, you have to set example and for that, you yourself must be clear from within that you follow your own preachings.