Friday, 31 December 2010

How to control unnecessary thoughts?

Take responsibility and don’t blame mind for everything. If certain thoughts bother you then just take responsibility and say I am not going to be bothered about it and then see how mind settles. Because, if you say my mind is thinking, its like blaming mind for everything. It is You and not your mind. Understand it and let it go. The function of the mind is to think. So it is meant to be thinking. But the issue arises when you think on something unnecessary.

How thought arises? It begins as a small, tiny thought and then you get hold of it, keep on attending it and it becomes a big thought. And it is you who pays attention to it to make it bigger so its only YOU who has to stop it. We have to break this habit of paying attention to every little thought to make it big enough to create confusion in mind, like the jungle of thoughts. And to do so, we have to take more responsibility of being aware along with Yoga. 

Pranayama, Yoga, Exercise and things like that makes it more effortless. And one has to keep on practicing of being aware again and again to make it one’s nature.

As soon as thought comes, you be aware and the moment you are aware, it stops. So the action has to be taken “right now”. If garbage has been getting collected for ages, you don’t throw it one by one, you just throw the bulk away as soon as you realize that it is garbage. So get rid of unnecessary thoughts right now. 

Remember that it is PRACTICE (Abhyasa - again and again) which makes the process more effortless, more easy. Until you attain that state you have to keep on practising it again and again. 


  1. very well said Bhavyata. However, its quite hard to be aware of thoughts every now n then, but if it can be attained anyhow, it feel amazing, An absolute present moment!!

  2. wo...w, amazed at your understanding of the present moment Urvi... Keep sharing your experiences. I would love to read more from you...

  3. thanx are right here...but can u help me little english is not so good so can you translate in hindi.
    for this problem i am loosing my hair. and unneccessary thoughts is very effective about hair loosing.
    if u can email me full translate then thank you so much.