Monday, 22 November 2010

What to do to get enlightened?

When people come on a spiritual path, one of the biggest thing in their minds is "I WANT TO GET ENLIGHTENED". When you start living like the enlightened person, then you start becoming enlightened. Look at His qualities and start bringing those into your self and then see, you are on a way to be free. Krishna says to Arjuna, "Advaista Sarva Bhutanam" means get rid of dvaista (anger, jealousy) and change that dwesh or anger into compassion. that's called developing Maitri Bhav (the nature of friendliness) and then you can be friend with all.

Look at the quality of the enlightened being. e.g. Guruji, the way he has made EVERYTHING BELONGS TO HIM. because for Guruji, either everything belongs to Him or nothing belongs to Him. There is no mediocare way. "Nirmoham Nirvikaram" - He is not attached to anything. Nirahankaram - No Ego, when the whole world belongs to you there is no place for Ego. Ego only comes in from those things which don't belong to you. The more you live in a small circle the more BIG you feel because of Ego. So, come out of it. So, living life of a person who is Nirmoham, Nirvikaram, Nirahankaram is the simplest way of getting enlightened.

It doesn't happen overnight, though. It develops slowly and gradually. You think when I ll be enlightened, I ll start loving everyone. But, no, it is the other way. Start loving everyone unconditionally and you ll attain freedom. Don't pretend to love people, be natural and when you say something don't say it on a superficial level, mean it. Live that quality and let the enlightenment dawn into you.

Again and again remind yourself that the simplest way of getting enlightenment is to live like an Enlightened being.....

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  1. Gaining spiritual enlightenment is ultimate goal of life as a human being! Realizing we are a pure soul atman... the spirit within is essence of spirituality. Spiritual enlightenment is reached via path of sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism... the doctrine given to mankind by Lord Krishna about 3600 years before now! Spiritual enlightenment can never be gained via path of religion (path of rituals)!