Monday, 29 November 2010

Who gets onto the spiritual path?

When you experience something extraordinary in your life, you feel like bringing all your family n friends, all your near and dear ones on that path to get that amazing experience themselves. But, sometimes when they refuse, or they be bit resistive about it, you feel so sad. Do you know, why some people get so much attracted to the spiritual path and why others not? It is just because of the KARMAS. If you offer this knowledge to your friends and if they get attracted, it is simply because they are karmikally ready to be on the path. If they are yet getting ready then regardless of your offering it n number of times, they would not get attracted until they become totally ready. So, in such cases, just drop your concerns and have compassion for them, bless them so that they can get ready faster and experience the wonderful magic that you want to offer to them. You do not know who is ready and who is not, so your job is simply to keep on offering it to everyone and the divine will do the rest to bring them near Him...


  1. right.after sharing this knowledge with you and understandinf its deep meaning,i dont feel sad when my freids and family refuse .

  2. would love to see u happy n so very happy for u darling, I feel I owe u my life just for introducing me to such a life transforming phenomenon...