Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The qualifications to walk on a Spiritual Path

The journey of the path of Self Exploration will require few qualifications. 

First qualification is the level of your intensity. If you are intense about it, you will find intense results, quick results, accelerated progress. If you are casual about it, divine says "tathastu" to that too.. so, do not take this casually. the intensity of your commitment will determine how quickly you will progress on the path. 

If you observe being sharp observant, you will see, there are so many different kind of souls walking on the same path. If you want to make a comparison, you can say if the path is a road, then you see there are KHATARAs (trucks) as well as Ferraris and Mercedes n Rolls Royce running on the same road. If you keep your attention on Khataras, you will get your result accordingly. So, determine where do you want to keep your attention, how much intensity of your commitment do you want to keep? that will determine your progress on the path.

Second qualification is your level of intelligence. When I say intelligence, what I mean is identifying the Klisht (harmful) Vrittis and Aklisht (non-harmful) Vrittis of mind. Any Vrittis that makes the quality of your life more blossoming in all spheres are beneficial ones and those which makes that quality of your life go downward is harmful ones. So, identify them and filter them accordingly. 

And the third thing, which can really help you on this path is your connection with the divine. if you are connected 24*7, your progress is 24*7. Connected means feeling the presence. If you feel that presence of divine in  your life 24*7, your life is taken care of 24*7, and your progress is continue 24*7. See, right now, I can feel that energy is engulfing the whole room. Can you feel the same? If you are connected, the downloading is faster, and if you have got broadband, you can keep on downloading, uploading, keep connecting.. 

Now, there is this technique, O-F-S, which is THE MASTER KEY. Observe-Filter -Surrender. 

You have to observe what is going on in your mind every moment, keep your attention there. During the day you pass through events, one after the other one, you face people, different situations, different things and your body n mind gives different kind of sensations, some pleasant, some unpleasant. you have to keep attention on your self, what is going on inside you every moment. that is the first step, Observe...

Filter -through your intelligence, filter the impressions, sensations that you do not want to keep in your  memory, in your system. This mind is the magic box. As easily it picks up impressions from the outer world, with the same speed it can drop those impressions too... just, filter the harmful stuff and then

Surrender..- take a deep breath in, hold the breath and connect to the divine and as you have filtered the harmful stuff that you dont want, just with the outgoing breath, surrender it to the divine in whom you believe in, with whom you feel connected. Your personal divine. 

God has been so kind to give us all that we need, it is up to us how to make the best use of it. so, experiment OFS in your life, n see what results it brings.. there is one thing we need to keep in mind while applying OFS, there must be a willingness to drop (to surrender) the unnecessary stuff, the stuff that we want to surrender. If the willingness is not there, regardless of the number of breaths, you will not see any results.. 

I am applying this wonderful technique which my teacher Rishiji has told us, and I am sure the way I am being benefited, all of you would also do..Good luck. 

Jai Gurudev !!!


  1. Thanks... I loved it to bits !

  2. Rishiji rocks Shivam... doesn't he?

  3. There are moments in life, when you stop and say, oh I needed this so much!! That is my feel at this moment. Thanks for sharing!