Thursday, 10 November 2011

Filtration -How important it is?

We have talked about observe, filter and surrender  - The master key

What if we are not able to use Filter properly? Filter is there for us to separate the harmful habits of mind from the beneficial ones. So that we can finally surrender those harmful habits to the divine and be free of them. 

Events come and go, but the habits, the tendencies of the mind come on the surface again and again. For example, if one possess a habit of blurting out anything at any time than it can be harmful. As in, if he/she is not able to put a filter of Viveka (discrimination), he/she would never be able to appeal anyone in his/her life, right? Practically this small thing helps a lot in our day to day life where we are surrounded with people and our connections in the capacity of different relations with them. Just check out all your relations and see if you are losing them just because you do not appeal them any more. If so, now you have got a key. Use Viveka and filter it out. 

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  1. This is amazing... we have thought of changing minds, using filter, and at times just feeling that we have surrendered but actually we have not done so!! and there will be times that filter might not be required as well.. if you cannot discriminate, just let it be, surrender both.. with time that will develop and power of OFS will embrace you so tight, that nothing can bother you!.. if that makes sense??!! hmmm??!!
    swasth raho, mast raho, vyasth raho... ahooo :D