Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Re-search - the meaning of this word from another angle.

In the realm of consciousness, there is no time. It is all in continuum. Everything, all the matter and all the energy, they exist together homogeneously in the same substratum. That is also called as the Universal Consciousness. In the ancient time, all our Sages knew this deeper reality of the existence. 

When the scientist takes the search for the things/concepts, they have got one pointed focus. All their energy (sentient/insentient) are concentrated behind only one thing. That goes so deeper into their consciousness that their craving again raises from every particle of their being. Nature anyway supports those whose enquiry is one pointed. So, the YOGA gets generated where the individual consciousness of the scientists meets with the Universal consciousness. As everything is present in that substratum, in reality, it is not any Shodhan (or search) but it is Sam Shodhan (Re-search). Hence, the name they gave was of Re-search. Shodhan or search is to find something if it is lost but SamShodhan is to re find it.  

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