Friday, 20 May 2011

Face your limitations..

Every time when you feel little uncomfortable by people, situations or things, just check the mind. It is getting exposed to another limitation. The limitation which is not any stopping barrier in reality, but the limitation of the mind to accommodate that reaction, that activity, which projects its inability in the form of some fear, some reaction of discomfort.  

But as you allow your mind to pass through that discomfort and let it go beyond that, you will see something in you expands.  When you face that discomfort, you will realize that you can still survive. You can accommodate that experience of passing through that phase with all its emotions that it has to offer, remaining intact.  

Therefore, when you face any such situations again, you will not get agitated easily. Because you have given your mind the experience of passing though it and you know that you will be intact. So, you can easily accommodate it on a large scale afterwards. Therefore, small little things won't bother you much. This is called expansion of the consciousness.

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