Monday, 23 May 2011

Vigyanamaya Kosha and Ayurveda

In ancient times, people were suffering and there was need to invent some remedies against diseases. So all the wise people, super intelligent Rishis and Munis got together in Naimisharanya and decided to invent solution for human sicknesses and illnesses. 84,000 of them decided to go deeper into their Vigyanmaya Kosha (The deeper level of the consciousness, of the being), where their intuitive abilities would guide them further for what they are looking for. Bhardwaj Rishi decided not to go into meditation so that he can write whatever other Rishis have to say as an outcome of their intuition, while meditating. That was the birth of Ayurveda.. They went deeper into their selves and merged so much into the unit of existence that their intuition guided them to find remedies of various disease with the help of plants and herbs available on the earth. 

When we do Pancha Kosha meditation with this understanding of those 5 koshas, it makes the experience more deeper. Pancha kosha is made up of five Koshas. Starting with Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vigyanmaya and finsihing with Anandamaya.

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