Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Seven Flavours of Consciousness..

After a long time, I got an opportunity to get connected through internet again. In the mean time, a friend gifted a book named, "Rang de re mann"  by Kartik Shah. Today, I am sharing some of the things clicked with me from that book.

It is again based on the knowledge sessions that we attended with Rishiji. 

Assuming here, we all know what is consciousness, let us go ahead with the different flavours of consciousness. At a time, one of these flavours would be dominating our existence, our consciousness. 

1. Complaining Consciousness - which likes to complain
2. Attacking Consciousness -which likes to be attacking, not ready to listen to anything or anyone. 
3. Defensive Consciousness - interested in defending the self.
4. Victim Consciousness - interested in blaming others.
5. Aloof Consciousness - interested in being with one's own shell, like a turtle - pulling away from the world.
6. Guilt Consciousness - interested in blaming the self. 
7. Lack Consciousness -feeling constant lack of everything.

A refined intelligence and a high degree of awareness is needed to keep a watch on our minds. I would recommend that all of us should start observing our mind and at a time which of the flavours is dominant. How do we behave under the influence of the pattern of the mind as such? Note it down and see if you tend to follow any patterns with same people or situations. Is it harmful to your mind or beneficial? 

The first step is being aware. Therefore, if we have not begun yet, let us start being aware about our tendencies. Let us identify those harmful habits of the mind. We will discuss each of these flavours.. but before that, start practising to observe your own mind. We might forget what we read or listen to, but we do not forget what we experience. so let us start learning with experiences. 

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  1. i had forgottn to apply this..just when i needed it thanks dear..