Monday, 29 August 2011

Language of the Universe...

Silence is the language of the universe. yet, the Universe is not at all silent. With all the cosmic members, it just keeps making non-striking sound. The sound which speaks the language of the silence. 

Is it possible to understand what it has to say? 
yes it is possible by diving deeper into the inner world. We have to begin by understanding the language of our own hearts. In Guruji's words, our intuition. for that, we have to be quiet. We have to spend quality time with our own company. Have a journey through your own mind. It is so infinite, so vast. It is easy to write these words Infinite and Vast. But if you just sit with yourself, with a determination of not getting distracted by your senses, you will see that the entire universe is present inside you. You look at the stars and the distance between them. The same space is there between two sub-atomic particles in every particle of your being. You see the universe is all functioning with its vibrations, pulsations. Your body resonates the same vibes. Once, you interpret the language of your body and mind, u can easily link it to get to know what the entire universe has to say. All you have to do is to start with an understanding at the cellular level, which can only be done by relaxing and reposing into the Self. At any given time, with respect to the space around you, you can easily make your own formula and solve this puzzle. 

Silence is the most sensible language where complex things can be easily communicated in simple ways. Practice will make us more perfect and grace will do miracles. All we have to do is to take first step towards it. Good luck to all of us, the Spiritual Scientists,  for this beautiful journey of understanding the language of the universe. 

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