Friday, 24 December 2010

Pancha Koshas...

You know there are five Koshas, the Panchakosha that we say. You know the outer world, people, situations, things is nothing but food for five senses. With eyes you watch, with ear you hear, with nose you smell, with tongue you taste and with skin you touch. Food for five senses, Annamaya Kosha – it’s called. Anna is the food. The second is the Pranamaya Kosha. The body doesn’t survive on the food what you eat. It survives on the Prana in the food that you eat. There are four sources of Prana. Sleep, food, breath and happy mind. Yes? These four energy sources give prana to the body it needs to survive. It is not the food; it is the prana in the food. Now, in this whole game of experiencing bliss, experiencing Anand, that is the whole driving force, the whole life is for that. In that, what you will get in the first Kosha, the Annamaya Kosha extremely limited. Beyond that is what you get from Prana. The pleasure that you get in the body is much much much much more than what you get in the world. Then the third Kosha is the Manomaya Kosha where all the thoughts and emotions and likes and dislikes all this comes, on the mind level, extremely mediocre.

Kabhi khushi kabhi gam. Emotions come up, thoughts come up, mind gives you Vikalpaas, keeps on giving you alternatives that is the function of the mind. I should do this or I should not do this. I should do this or I should do that? Beyond that is the fourth level, is the Vigyanmaya Kosha, where the understanding is, how this consciousness functions. The understanding of the outer world, the understanding of the body level, the understanding of the mind, all these are happening in the Vigyanmaya Kosha. In O-F-S, the filtration, the Vivek, the intelligence, the discrimination about what is worth and what is not, what is beneficial and what is harmful? What will give me later joy but long term? What gives me immediate joy but short term? All that understanding is in the Vigyanmaya Kosha. Sensing consciousness is in the Vigyanmaya Kosha. That faculty of your intelligence, is sensing deeper realities of life, this is Vigyanmaya Kosha. Beyond that is Anandmaya Kosha.

Very simple understanding of this existence, is these 5 sheets, 5 layers, in which your attention, your energy, your time, your mind that we give from our side, going into any of these 5 sheets will determine the quality of your consciousness. Living in the outer world, giving so much into outer world, getting nothing from the outer world. Doing something for the body, much bigger return than the outer world. When I say return it is in the form of happiness again. 3rd is mind, indulging into emotions, some pleasurable, some unpleasurable. Then the 4th one is Vigyanmaya. If you notice as we are progressing, we are moving towards the Vigyanmaya and the Ananadmaya kosha, that appears to be spread most inside is actually most outside. From outer world we seem to be going into the inner world, but actually it is not. The Anandmaya Kosha is the most expanded one.

If you turn it around, you will see as soon as you close your eyes the outer world ceases to exist for you. It is just because your eyes are open and your ears are open and your nose is open when this outer world is available to you. So though it appears to be biggest and then the body, it’s actually much smaller than the body. Then comes the Manomaya Kosha which is more expanded. You can exist anywhere. The more responsibility you take, more you live and then the Vigyanmaya, which is sensing reality, understanding reality from Gross to Subtle, from In to Out, whatever, in all directions, in all dimensions. And 5th is Anandmaya, all encompassing, when the ocean is what the wave experience...

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