Friday, 19 August 2011

Gv ur quality time to the divine !!

Very simple yet so profound wisdom from Marcel ji that he shared with us in Berlin...!!

We must give our quality time to our Sadhna, our Satsangs, our meditations. Because, the Universe, the nature, the divine feels the consciousness behind our activities. The qualitative aspect is directly proportional to the response from the divine. 

Give the best time of your day to the most productive, highest value activity of your life, like your Sadhna, your meditations, your prayers and see how beautifully this entire Universe responds. It will also start giving you the best things in your life. It will also start feeling how valuable your prayers are !! 

This is beautiful science of law of attraction. To attract the most valuable, you need to keep on generating vibes of the similar sort. and for that you must offer your best to this nature. It feels your presence in its own way. Strange but true !! 

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