Saturday, 6 August 2011

Apply and Supply

A beautiful knowledge point by Bhavna in London...

The real beauty lies in the world within one's mind, one's self. To reach to that deep level of our own existence, we need to apply the knowledge that we come across along with supplying the same to our beloved ones.. I would say,  the applying part is more relevant to the students on the path of self exploration.

It is very easy to keep on supplying the knowledge that we get. We can keep on passing it to all our loved ones to help them uplifting their level of evolution. Of course our love for them is our driving force there. But, at the same time, if we apply the same knowledge, even a single point thoroughly in our lives, wouldn't it be a kind of more authentic supply afterwards? 

When I say knowledge, I mean some knowledge points like expectations reduces joy or You do not need a reason to be happy, etc. Let us start applying this wisdom in our lives and see where it takes us. I am sure, it will make our experience of life more profound and deeper. Then after whatever knowledge will come from us would be the knowledge of the Self, where it actually KNOWS, in terms of deep experiences rather than mere words. 

Take this beyond the level of intellect and let this amazing wisdom just be part of your life. All the best friends. I am also experimenting on this and will keep on sharing whatever are the outcomes. I suggest, you also share here in comments whatever are your experiences. 

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