Monday, 27 December 2010

Technique of dropping impressions from the past

Twice or thrice a day, close your eyes, take your mind in the past as if you are watching a film. Past means anything that was before this very moment. As you remember past, people, situation, things will come in mind and may make you little bit upset,  may create specific sensations in any part of the body, just identify them. as you breath in, identify it, connect to the divine and with the outgoing breath just drop it, surrender it to the divine. 

                 And just before you release them, identify the tendency if it is there. What I mean is, if the same emotion is very frequently coming in mind, it is definitely a tendency, a habit of the mind. If some emotions come which are very rare, don’t bother much about it. But if it is a regular emotion that is coming up, that is because of the habit of the emotions of the mind. If you identify the habit, it helps because whenever it comes again,  you are much more ready to drop it. If you have not identified it, it comes, it runs your life for al little while and then you regret later. Simple process, where you are not able to do Observe-Filter-  Surrender all time, you can do this just twice or thrice a day and it becomes such a part of your  nature, part of your habits is while you are getting tight, you can drop it too..

            Till it becomes effortless, auto pilot takeover, little effort is necessary. Don’t give up. because this is  THE MASTER KEY. Observe- Filter and Surrender. If somebody is doing something that you are not liking, let’s say if they are doing something about you, that you are not liking, rather than resisting that, just release the tightness for you to be okay. Sometimes somebody is tight about you and you become tight about their tightness. You drop it. Let them be tight for a little while. You continue to be natural, free flow. Immediately the whole atmosphere will change. Practice it. Only practice will help. No big deal. Twice or thrice a day. Once in the morning, once before you have a lunch, once before you have your dinner. Release everything, be empty and then resume your day.

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