Saturday, 25 December 2010

Viparyaya -the orientation in Unreality...

Each one of us should be very aware about this dangerous tendency of our mind of creating Viparyaya. Viparyaya is illusion, wrong knowledge, misunderstanding, mis-interpretation. Something that is not there, you believe it to be there. Something that is not true, because it sounds good, because it feels good, because it supports your likes or dislikes. Many times we are believing in something which is not there or not believing in something which is there, is what this Viparyaya is. 

One example is many times you feel, “O somebody is jealous about me that is why we are behaving like this, but if you actually wake up and see that emotion of jealousy may not be driving them to do whatever they are doing, it can just be an emotion of dislike about you, resentment about you.”  It need not be jealousy that is making somebody doing, of what they do. But our ego gives us that illusion that people are jealous about me, that tendency of the mind is called Viparyaya.

It is orientation in unreality – that is very simple understanding of Viparyaya and the only way of checking it, is Reality check, whatever is your belief, whatever is your truth pass it through a reality check. Feel it, whatever you are perceiving to be real, is it really REAL? Or very periodically, very regularly, check your beliefs with someone who would be able to tell you, who would be able to discriminate your own truth to untruth. 

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