Friday, 7 January 2011

Aum / Om ???

Let us share our knowledge about this most primitive MANTRA, Aum or Om. This is the most sacred symbol in Hinduism and according to Hindu / Vaidik Scriptures it represents the sound of the universe. As we know, the entire Existence in the Universe is vibrating with a Cosmic energy (We get the proof in the Gayatri Mantra, where Rishi Vishwamitra hears this sound for the first time in his deep meditations). The closest experience of this sound in ordinary experience would be the humming sound of an electric transformer. Yet this humming is produced by the atoms of the universe vibrating at different frequencies. 

The vibrational atoms of the universe produce this sound through their pulsating “dance,” and that is why this sound is unstruck because is it not produced by striking two things together. Hence, the sanskrit name for the same sound is Anahaad / Anahat Naad. 

Now another aspect of AUM gets represented by the three deities in the Hindu trinity, the trimurti (”three images”), of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Which also depicts the fullness in the universe from creation to eventual destruction. 

The “A” represents beginning, start and emanation of the universe and life. A is an open sound formed with open lips and it resonates in the front of the mouth. It represents creation and Brahma is the Hindu god of creation. The accompanying vibrations we feel in our abdominal area when we make that sound. 

                Brahma is a deity who seats on a Lotus with Four Heads. The fourth head faces backwards. Brahma sitting on a lotus indicates that he is always rooted in the Ultimate Reality, that despite manifestation, the Transcendent remains hidden beneath surface awareness. The four heads of Brahma represent the manifestation of Consciousness as mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), ego (ahamkar) and conditioned-consciousness (chit). 

                Thought functions within them but Consciousness is a transcendent Witness to everything.

“U” is produced from the back of the mouth with closed lips. It represents the sustenance of the universe and it is the middle between creation and destruction. When we produced sound U, we feel some sensations in our heart area of the body. Which also shows the maintenance/sustaining power of the creation. The Hindu deity Vishnu is associated with this. Vishnu is believed to be the cosmic energy which incarnates (Takes different birth) Himself in each cycle of time to rescue the Universe. He represents the maintenance of balance in the universe through support of physical and spiritual laws.

“M” is produced with closed lips and it resonates forward in the mouth and buzzes throughout the head. It represents the ending, destruction, and death of life and the universe. Shiva is the Hindu deity that represents this stage. Shiva is also representing the "DARK Matter", which scientists have found recently that 97% of the Universe, which is not yet revealed to us, is made up of this.

So, when we chant AUM /OM, we connect our own "CHETNA" - "the life energy" - "the part of cosmic energy in us" to its source. 

If you think little bit further that the dimension of "TIME" is also relative. Once you are out of earth, that dimension does not matter much. There are many galaxies which are thousands of light years away from us, so if we take such back ward galaxies then the incidents happening there are PAST for us, we are PRESENT and the galaxies for which we take thousands of light years to pass our light becomes FUTURE then. Now, this sound AUM is present everywhere since it is a cosmic sound. So, can not we say that it is SHASVAT ? Means the one which never dies? the one which is the only truth. the one which is present in every  moment?Huh 

keep on thinking n sharing ur views here guys... 

Cheerz !!!

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