Sunday, 2 January 2011

What is that the entire existence is living for ?

A beautiful piece of knowledge from Rishi Nityapragya ji...

We do many activities in the life. It can be worldly activities like earning money to getting married to having children to making a bigger house to buying a car or any such thing or it can be a spiritual activity like meditating, satsang, service or connecting to the divine. The basic purpose behind all these activities is to be happy, to get Sukha. 

Sukha is a word in Sanskrit language. The nearest translation of that word can be done as pleasure, happiness, the pleasantness, the exhilarating status of consciousness, something which is the driving force behind all the activities of the entire existence. 

There are three types of Sukhas.

The first type of Sukha is the one gets from the outer world. Sometimes we seek pleasures through people, through situation, through things. But, there is a very basic flow since the pleasure is illusionary. It seems like Sukha but there is no Sukha at all. For example, till something was not in your hand, not in your possession, it was so interesting, as soon as you get it, you lose the charm. It is just the mechanism of the mind seeking pleasure from the outer world, which appears like pleasure but the moment you get it, there is no pleasure at all. 

The second type of pleasure the mind seeks is from the five senses, i.e. watching, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. The senses give you pleasure but there is a little bit of dangerous aspect there too. It has a very small amount of pleasure. It definitely gives pleasure but, limited, it reaches to a point ( a peak) and then it is finished, it is gone. For example, you get pleasure of eating your favourite dish. How much can you eat? If you are observant, you will not miss this phenomenon. You enjoy eating so much until it reaches to the highest point of that Sukha and then you lose charm in eating as an activity altogether. So, the activity of eating, seems like giving you so much pleasure, but it is so limited. You can not sustain that pleasure for a long time. By the time, you finish your food, the energy is so low, the level of joy drops but you can't say that it doesn't give you joy. Similarly, with the rest of the senses, whether is watching movie, or hearing your favourite music or smelling your favourite perfume or sex. 

The third type of pleasure is the pleasure you get from activities that blossoms your life in all directions. It is the pleasure that needs efforts in initial stage but gives you long lasting joy. Activities like Sadhna, Seva, Satsang adds joy into your life. There is a flow there, too. You have to put a little bit of efforts in the beginning, but when you are done with that activity, it leaves you with so much of joy and pleasure. It lasts for longer period of time. 

The first type of Sukha is called Tamasik Sukha, where it appears as a pleasure but there is no joy in reality. The second type of Sukha is Rajasik Sukha, where you get joy but it is not long lasting. The third Sukha is Sattvik Sukha, which needs efforts initially but the pleasure it gives is "matchless".

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