Saturday, 15 January 2011

How to influence/affect people, situations, things?

There is a simple scientific way of performing this act of winning over anyone, any situation, anything. Look, the principle in which energy flows is from higher to lower level. So, if you have to win over someone, you are basically looking towards influencing them. As a spiritual seeker you know that when we say I, that is not this body, but we are talking in terms of consciousness (chetna, energy, prana). So, you are supposed to keep your energy level high. This is relative term, "high". means, your energy must be higher in level than the outer world in which you come in contact with so that it flows from YOU to the outer world, i.e. people, situations, things. Once it starts flowing from You to this world, it starts affecting, influencing everything that it comes in contact with, the way it wants. So simple. isn't it?

Now, a question arises here, how to keep energy level high? Our life is so full of activities, that by the time we finish them all, we feel lack of energy. How to maintain that high level? Any AOL teacher will be able to explain this in more detail and in more appropriate way. My understanding is, regular Sadhna combined with Yoga and Pranayamas opens up energy centres in the subtle body and prana (energy) flows freely. Throughout your day, you can use this prana to influence whatever you want to in whichever way...  

Just experiment this on your self guys and let me know how effective it is !!! This amazing piece of knowledge is again from my rocking teacher... !!! I feel so blessed to have such a fantastic teacher... Jai Gurudev !!! 

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