Sunday, 9 January 2011

When you feel the path I have chosen, is it right?

When you start walking on a spiritual path, that too without knowing of it being a beginning of the path, you want to explore everything that comes on your way. Once you have got that wo...w feeling, you want to experience that again and again. and even you want to go beyond that. Just wow things are not enough for it, it wants to explore the path in all ways, in all directions, up to all extremes. After knowing it to be the spiritual path, to be the exploration of the ULTIMATE, whether Knowledge, Truth, Self or Creation...  you realize at one point, it does not meet up with your expectations of all being goody goody. You feel the path also has its so called drawbacks, or errors of your perception. and you feel, oh man, was it a wise decision to walk on this path? Your friends warn you initially up to the level. then looking to your enthusiasm about it, they don't dare much but still in their heart their don't support your activity. Sometimes even your family members don't support you. and if you are not strong enough to stand by your own decisions, to accept all the consequences of the same, you get carried away with the sensing, with the feeling of what they pass to you. 

I am sure this happens to most of us. But at this point, what do you do? The first and foremost thing that you need to remember is, No matter what, only uplifting of your self is going to happen once you are on this path. Because of one simple reason. What is the first thing that you learn? To be happy... and do you you want to be happy because others are saying so? or you want to be happy because you feel that is why you are living for? The answer of this question will help you identify the ways through which you can blossom your life in all spheres. 

Just compare your own life before coming to the path and after walking a few steps on this path. Is there any difference? The same life with the same people and many similar situations.. has it become more fulfilling n happy? Are you happy from within? Are you feeling light like feather even amongst all complexities of life? or has it gone the other way? Has it made your connection with your divine strong? Has it showed you that there are possibilities of going into infinity? The answers of such questions help one find out whether the chosen path is right for you or not. 

Keep a reminder to yourself of the comparison of the quality of your life in past to the quality of the same  life in present, whenever a question of the path being right or wrong arises in your mind. and don't forget that Faith is beyond logic, so keep faith on the divine, the CREATOR.... all the best...

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  1. superb dear....this must be many peoples dilemma...I hope the knowledge reaches them as well