Friday, 4 March 2011

Serve before You Lead...

Leadership should be comprised of of altruism, empowerment, humility, love, service, trust, and vision. 

If we look back to our History, Mahatma Gandhi placed before us a higher standard of leadership based on an enduring spirit of personal service. Gandhiji was a well known servant Leader. He puts Serving the Society, Serving the Mankind at the Core. He says, Service (Seva) is the reason for leadership and not only the qualification for the leadership but an end of leadership.

I believe your persona, your overall communication speaks more than your words. If you want to establish yourself as a true leader, win over the hearts of the masses. for that, you need to set an example of serving first. Gandhiji never said anyone to pick rubbish if he wanted the city to be cleaned. He just started picking rubbish himself and people just joined him. It was of course the love of the people initially which made them join him. He never felt ashamed of doing any work himself. He believed that if you have to be leader, you have to set example and for that, you yourself must be clear from within that you follow your own preachings. 

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