Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Nature feels your presence...

Do you wonder sometimes you are happy and the whole surrounding, the whole space/environment around you seems like dancing with your joy? and at times when you are sad, it seems like going away from you? very heavy... 

Have you ever wondered why this happens? It is because, nature around you, feels your presence.  When you are happy from every cell of your body, you are constantly feeling the vibrant, pulsating energy (Satt-chitt-ananda), which comes in contact with the aura of the other objects or space around you. It interacts with that aura and that is how they feel your presence. This is on physical or aura level. and the nature responds to you as well. The longer you remain happy, the longer nature loves you. Because, nature honours you being established in your self. and then nature keeps on creating those situations around you where your happiness gets multiplied. Because it gets those vibes from you and attracts similar vibes to make it a big lump of such vibes. There is this deep science behind it. We will explore it further at some other time. 

But, the more unnatural you are from within, the more closet you become, you become hard and heavy in your heart, the vibes generated are also repulsive. And therefore nature's response is accordingly. It also gets upset and then we see natural calamities/disasters. 

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