Sunday, 6 March 2011

Advaistha Sarva Bhutanam...

The one who is interested in become Yogi, skilful in whatever he does in life, interested in self development up to highest level, needs to gain knowledge about how to become yogi. Even if you are interested not in Yoga but a devotee of your divine, then also, you need to know about Yoga. 

Because, Krishna says to Arjuna that you become a yogi. Yogis are very dear to me. Then he says the characteristics of a Yogi. One of those characteristics is, 

"advaishta sarva-bhutanam..."

The one who is not envious to anyone, who doesn't hold any ill feeling towards anyone in this whole creation.

Now think about one thing. Your mind, at a time has got infinite space. n if you hold any ill feeling, any envious, jealous, hatred or likewise feelings about anyone then, whenever you will meet those people, or hear about them or even if you remember them, your such feeling gets triggered and you lose that much of space of your mind for that moment. Isn't it like insulting the precious gift of this moment given by nature? The moment, which holds infinite possibilities to go further for your evolution, you waste in triggering those ill feelings which are so useless, because it doesn't affect the people involved in your  mind, it affects you the most. 

Instead, if you just develop the sense of being happy, keeping this attitude of your state of mind being unaffected by anyone or anything. Even if it gets affected, not to promote or give encouragement to such thoughts much in your own mind. Wouldn't it bring that availability of the moment in your life? You will then get that moment to live in it. and what would be better honour then respecting and living in the MOMENT ? You can fill up that moment by any of the highest value activities of Seva, Sadhna or Satsang. Think about how best you can use this life time? If not for other's sake, for your own sake you will have to go one step further in your evolution. 

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