Saturday, 19 February 2011

Karma Yoga

In Geeta, Krishna gives Arjuna different paths of Yoga. One of them is Karma Yoga. the path of action. What is Karma Yoga? You just put your 100% effort. That’s all you can do, without worrying about success or failure. What the result is going to be? That is not in your control. What is in your control? Effort/action, when you worry about the results, you can not put your 100% effort as part of your energy is wasted in worrying, being anxious. 

When you use your efforts in serving society unconditionally makes you really on the path of Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga is putting hundred percent yoru efforts for serving others, benefit of others without worrying for the outcome. Those who don’t do Seva (service), don’t feel useful in life and hence, lots of questions in their mind like what is the purpose of life? Why have I come on this earth? Why someone said me something which is not proper? 

When you start walking on the path of action, you feel so useful and so confident, with so many things on your hand to do, you are not left with any time to think over non sense stuff, which kept on bothering you for ages before. 

Karma Yoga asks what can I do? How can I be useful? Stop thinking about whether people will recognize you, say thank you or listen to you all time. That should not be the worry. The only thing a Karma Yogi has to do is to come out of this space of expectations and just to put in efforts/do action.

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