Sunday, 20 February 2011

Life is...

Life is as Simple as you Take it and as Complicated as you Make it... 

So beautiful sentence n so very true, isn't it? If we look at life it is nothing but the sequence of events happening. When all is happening, where is the doer ship? 

Look at the simplicity life brings with it. When you were a little kid, you did not have any prejudices for anything, no judgements for any body, no memories of any experiences to apply before any new thing you do in your life, so your life was so simple. You used to be so happy. If somebody did not recognize you, it never bothered you, if they wouldn't thank you, you couldn't cared less. You used to laugh and smile at everyone you meet regardless of what they have done to you. You used to take life as it comes, used to live in the moments which were bestowed upon you by mother nature, and life was so charming, each moment was a new exploration, each moment was full of so many possibilities for you, really unfathomable !!!

Then you started growing and learned manners, etiquettes and lost somewhat your naturalness. You started being and behaving the way either your society, your parents ,your role model  or someone else wanted you to be. Innocence in taking other people as they are, not looking to the intention behind their mistakes, not taking someone's praise or criticism so seriously, got forgotten, n things started becoming complicated. 

Now, when you know that your life is your very own, you have got a say over it, why can not you wake up at this very moment? Just wake up and realize that life is as simple as you take it and as complicated as you make it. At the end of the day, it is only YOU and your CREATOR, No one else. So, why keep bothering about people and things which are not in control? Just drop them, give them all to the divine, offer them, surrender them and be free. Freedom is right here in this moment. Before going to bed tonight, just do a small little process of dropping out (it is described in one of the articles on this blog, so please refer to it) when you sleep, just feel the LUCKIEST of all.. coz you are a special child of the divine...  don't worry if others don't feel the way you do, coz Your divine is your very own and so personally special.. just remember that He loves you more than a mother loves her newborn and cherishes you more than a king does to his crown... You can sleep with a heart, which is so full of gratitude for the divine, to be with you.. at every moment.. 

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