Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Surrendering... Easy or not?

In OFS technique, the last part is surrendering. In that part, you take a deep breath in, connect to the divine and let it go. Now, while holding the breath and connecting, you have to bring in that BHAVA (it is not possible to translate this word, but the nearest meaning can be emotion) of offering it to the divine in totality without holding on to it. The Bhava plays most significant role here. If you do not want to offer it to the divine, that will not go. Your willingness, your strong desire to offer is your biggest qualification here. Once your bhava is intense enough, just offer it to the divine with the outgoing breath and be free. It is not anywhere else, it is just in your mind. If you want to be free, you need to do it right now. No need to think over being free for ages, just take action and be free. 

Also, your faith on the object of your worship to whom you surrender is very important. How much do you trust your divine? Do you have full faith? Do you feel strong connection with your divine? Connection with the divine means feeling the presence. If you feel the presence, you are connected.

What stops us from surrendering? Simple thing, Ego or the stupidity of our mind. We will talk more about Ego some other time. The only thing of concern here is, let your Ego not stop you going beyond the world of senses. Sometimes we only believe Truth to be Truth if it goes through the reality check of our senses. But our senses have limitations and the world where senses can work is hardly 3% of the known world to us. Remaining 97% world is out of the reach of our senses, so if you want to explore the truth, you need to go beyond senses. and then you will see, how easy it is to surrender . 

Words have their own limitations. Though I attempted here to explain a little bit about Surrender, I guess, Surrender is way beyond words !!! 

Jai Gurudev !!! 

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