Monday, 28 February 2011

How to organize an Event?

Again, another pearl of wisdom from Rishi Nityapragya ji...

There are 5 things needed for any event to take place.

1. Mahol (Atmosphere)
You need to create the value for your event. You should not take it casually. The more you make it, "Not so easy to get into people's mind", the more value it adds into it. Because then the human mind becomes curious enough to know what is it? I want to know more, I want to explore this. 

2. Karta (the one who takes responsibility)
You need someone to take the total responsibility for the entire event. He works like a palm. He is supposed to make the event all happening.

3. Instruments (those ones who help in it)
Instruments are like fingers. You need to identify the strength and weakness of the people who are working as instruments. If someone is capable of high intelligent work and you don't allocate them that work, they feel under usage and if someone is not that capable and you give them responsibility of that kind of work, they feel over usage. So, Karta needs to identify what is the strength and weakness of each individual in the group and then need to work accordingly so that the whole group functions to create the event. 

4. Techniques (the method)
Then comes the technique. What is to be done? Who will do what? How to do that? these all come under the techniques.

5. Grace (divine blessings, Kripa)
Grace comes last. Once, you have done the whole event, then the Karta needs to surrender it all to the divine and become instrument again himself, and in each of the steps, of taking responsibility you let divine grace work but the grace comes in last. First you have to take the initiative and once you have done everything you can then just sit and relax and let the grace work.

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  1. I can vouch that it works and i have experienced it without even realising these steps...
    Thanx for sharing Bhavyata.