Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A True Yogi... Vairaagi... dispassionate...

      Another amazing pearl of wisdom from Krishan ji..

What happens to you when someone behaves in a manner that you don’t like? You get angry, agitated. People will behave in their own way and if you expect them to behave in a certain way then you are going to upset all your life. Their behaviour is not in our control. So you have to learn to relax. Don’t develop ill feeling towards the people or anger towards them because your own mind then becomes agitated and you are hurting your own self. Don’t be judgemental about those people, otherwise then you give them so much space in your mind, keep on thinking about them. Otherwise your mind will not come to peaceful state. So accept that yes certain people are going to be there who will drive me crazy. But why should I be bothered? Don’t carry their actions within you. Just let it go. Every individual is different carrying different thoughts and beliefs. But you don’t get bothered. You just relax. You just have to save yourself from these all. If you get angry, its okay but then don’t hold onto that anger.

Otherwise, it  wont let you be at peace with yourself. See, everything around you is changing and it will be changing, keep on changing. Your friends may not be friends with you tomorrow, similarly your enemies might turn out to be your best friends. So change is going to happen. But change bothers you. But the reality is that in Nature, everything is changing. It is in the nature of the thing to change. When I know its going to change, why should I get upset about it? I know I am going to lose what I have, why should I get sad when it happens? The wise person, without any Kalesha, ill feeling, sorrow inside remains happy inside. Whatever is happening let them happen. I am undisturbed and this is Vairagya and why does it bother you? Because you are attached. You are attached to the praise so if someone criticizes you, you are bothered. You get attached to the people, so when they are taken away then you get upset.

Vairagya, Dispassion is when you remain undisturbed. You become very loving and caring but at the same time not attached and hence so undisturbed from within.

It bothers you coz you believe things, your possessions, people around you are yours and its not going to change and your become attached to it. That is Asatya, non truth. Because its all changing. Yogi is the one who remains in Satt, the one which is not changing.

When you don’t get affected by changes, then it is called the dispassion. Dispassion doesn’t mean being rigid. You are loving and caring but dispassionate. Carrying judgement about anyone is the big garbage. Don’t collect garbage in your mind. It is your own mind so protect it. When you carry garbage, you can not see even changing in you. You need to take that rubbish out and then you can see changes in you. Drop all the judgements, don’t be so concerned about others. You want to know about yourself but you keep on thinking about others. So get back to yourself, if at all if you wish to know your true self, just drop everything, all concepts, judgements about others in your mind. Be dispassionate and explore your true Nature, your true Self... 

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