Friday, 1 April 2011

You be centered...

If you want to achieve something big in life, learn to be centered. Once you are centered, you will see, how easily things fall into place. You can easily be indifferent towards praises or criticism, towards dialogues or conflicts. 

Being centered means how dignified you can remain in spite of all the odds against you. As one of the senior teacher said recently, "Even if somebody kicks you out from their home, with the most abusive words and the worst of all offensive behaviour, without even leaving a single cloth on your body and then if you can still smile through that situation and walk with a dignity than you are there, Centered..... "

Centeredness doesn't come overnight but nature is so kind to us that it keeps on providing us with all the opportunities to go through such situations. If you ever face any situation which is difficult to handle, where your limitations are getting exposed, simply thank God for giving you one more chance to feel centred. Just smile through that situation and surrender it all to the divine. You remain dignified and also maintain others' dignity.

Abhyasa - practising this again and again, would surely fetch you the results. 

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  1. Nice !! Your usage of words is very precise and to the point ! Very good write-up.