Thursday, 28 April 2011

When you feel You are not doing Enough...

When you get something life transforming, you want to express your gratitude towards the one who has done it to you. You feel like "what can I do for you? And how would I ever be able to express my gratitude to you fully? What can I contribute towards the success of your mission? "  Especially, when you know that you are capable of doing anything. You are blessed with a rock like determination and your intelligence is anyway equipped enough to make it a reality. You are overflowing with the enthusiasm to do something and you know how to channelize it properly. You start doing some work in that direction as well but what to do when you feel, the work I am doing is not enough? When it does not let you sleep in nights? When it makes you so restless that you feel worthless? 

First of all know that it is a beautiful beginning of unfolding another dimension of your life. It is like seeing a different facet of the same diamond. You are THE chosen one that is why you feel that the seva you do is not enough. Second, it is all happening. You are not the DOER. Whether you play any active role in it or not, it is just happening. It will continue happening with or without you. So, why to be feverish? Feverishness kills the charm of the present moment. You are blessed with this moment to make it more beautiful by contributing your happiness. As nature senses our feelings as well, we must share happiness and joy. Why to create unnecessary layers of frustration/tension/feverishness over the core of our being (which is joy,peace and love).

As soon as this awareness comes that I am a very special child of the divine, I am taken care of and I am given whatever I need at the right time, will bring enormous confidence in you. Have that faith and keep on being grateful. And see, how beautifully grace will flow in your life. Keep on surrendering all to the divine with every passing breath. It will just make your life eternal celebration. 


  1. I am blessed in all ways and senses when I realise that each time I am around you, I am growing :) the learning for it will never stop :)) The Divine has taken ccare of since forever :) yay .. we are the chosen ones :) Love You bhavs :) xx

  2. thanks Jyots.. especially for this article, if it was not for you to remind me the basics again, it would not have come out the way it did.. Our Guru rocks n so is our rockstar..! We are indeed the chosen ones... students of life...