Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jab Life ho out of Control..

What do you do when you see situations in life which is not in your control? When you see people you love the most wasting their lives like stupid slaves? and you know the path leading to most joyous life, you suggest it to them, but they are so blind by the glitter of that MAYA that they can't even see through it... then you feel tensed, frustrated..

What to do then? Well, the first thing is, Thank God for the realization again and again that nothing is in our control. Be it our own life or someone else's life. We can not even control our own body and mind, how can we expect to control someone else'? So, accept this fact and be in harmony with your own mind. Tension will start releasing automatically. then, just take responsibility. What is the need of that time for you to do? If your action can bring any solution, just go for it. If not, then simply take a back seat, and pray to the God. Tell God that you are now aware about one more limitation of your and you surrender that too to the divine. 

By doing this, you gain skill. Skill in action is Yoga. So, again you are on a way to become a true Yogi. Do not be afraid of getting exposed to your limitations. If this happens, just thank the divine, offer it to him with love and move on... Life is to move on... coz it rocks !!

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  1. This is class of an explanation Bhavs :)) I do not have enough words to thank you for this :( but my heart speaks a lot to you about this one :)) truly wonderful sutra for the day and life to come :))

    I am quite sure where it has come for you and darn sure where it's come for me ;)) life is beautiful and rocks as you said and in this life as it moves the show must go on!! There isn't a moment when your own limitations will try and spoil the charm, but I loved it to core when you said do not worry if you come across your own limitations ... just so beautiful :))

    Much love and hugs and kisses..!!! Jai guru dev :)) sweety love love and only love and compassion can bring the lost ones back to track :)) muahhh