Friday, 22 April 2011

When People keeps bugging you, upsetting you...

Well, first of all accept the reality that it is NOT the PEOPLE or SITUATIONS that bug you, or upset you. It is your own mind and the importance or space you have given to those people and situations in your mind. 

Just experiment this for a while. Try to get upset on something that a stranger says to you and observe, how long can you remain in that state of mind? at first you will ignore it, you won't get upset at all, or may be for few seconds or few minutes. But not for a considerable length of time. Now, if the same situation arises with the people you know then you will get upset and you will carry that state of mind for a much longer time. Why? just a simple reason. You have given space in your mind to those people to whom you know. 

Your intensity of the attachment will show how much space you have given to those people, or viseversa. So, my friends beware of whom are you giving how much space in your mind. It is much wise to give more space to those people who are good company to keep, whose presence uplifts you, kindles love, joy, laughter, generosity in you. 

Never be upset from within for any one's action or reaction. Momentary emotions of anger or sadness is okay. It is human thing. But, it is not our very core nature. So, it does not stay longer. Our nature is of love and joy. So, all lasts at the end is pure love, bliss and joy. This awareness and knowledge brings freedom in this very moment. So, next time before blaming anyone else, just check out your own mind. 

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