Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why Mantra chanting makes one Happy ?

A secret of ancient Knowledge by Shastriji...

Mantras have been in the air for thousands of years. In Ancient times Rishis used to impart Knowledge in the form of Mantras and the disciple had to recite it. That way they let that knowledge assimilate in every cell of their body, every particle of their beings. When you chant Mantra, it creates specific vibration in the subtle body and corresponding sensation in the physical body. It is a beautiful science of invoking the divinity. Amazing science dealing with energy and matter.

Our consciousness is also thousands of years old. So, during our earlier life times, somewhere, we have already heard the Mantras or recited it ourselves. Out of seven layers of our consciousness, we leave body and breath when we change life. But, the rest of the level goes ahead as they are. Therefore, our memory contains the impressions of the recitations somewhere deep down, so, when you chant Mantras, the consciousness comes in contact with Mantra vibrations already oscillating in the atmosphere, then it feels like meeting an old friend. and it feels very happy. That is why you feel very happy, joyous, crying out of tears of joy, uplifted when you Chant Mantras.

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