Friday, 8 April 2011

Amazing how Nadis functions..

Do You know that when our Left nostril is active, our right brain is active and when we are breathing through right nostril, our left brain is active. Right brain is associated with creativity and relaxation whereas left brain is dealing with analysis, intelligence, logic.

Hence, when the left nostril is active, it is better to sing, dance, meditate but not to try understanding anything. Because the ability to understand, to discriminate is not active at that time. Even your metabolism rate is only half as much as it is when you breath through right nostril, hence Rishis said in ancient Scriptures that that is the ideal time for drinking water. 

When right nadi is active, you should listen to the knowledge, you should do all intellectual work. Because at this time you go one step behind your senses. You use your intelligence. You are able to understand the knowledge more effectively. You should prefer eating food when the right nostril is functioning because of the rate of metabolism being high.

You should never eat and drink together. It affects the metabolism and reduces its efficiency. These nadis keep changing every hour. you can check which one of your nadi is active by simply placing your hand under your nose and exhale. Both may be active at times, and there is altogether a different interpretation for that, which I do not know at the moment. You can make things change by following the proper nadi shashtra. I am just sharing whatever little Knowledge I heard from Guruji today.

Jai Gurudev !!! 

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